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Nationalisms Today


Tomasz Kamusella and Krzysztof Jaskulowski

Contents: Brian Porter-Szűcs: Beyond the Study of Nationalism – Veronika Bajt/Damjan Mandelc: What Can Social Sciences Learn from Sociobiology? Towards New Approaches: An Interview with Professor Pierre van den Berghe – Cezary Obracht-Prondzyński: The Kashubs: Language, Identity Problems and the Kashubian Movement – Eric Beckett Weaver: Say it Softly: Hungarians Abroad and the Failures of the Centre-Right in Hungarian Elections – Elena Marushiakova/Vesselin Popov: Gypsy Slavery in Wallachia and Moldavia – Calin Cotoi: Reactionary Modernism in Interwar Romania: Anton Golopenţia and the Geopolitization of Sociology – Maria Todorova: Language, Ethnicity and Nationalism: The Bulgarian Case – Per Anders Rudling: The Great Patriotic War and National Identity in Belarus – Sergei I. Zhuk: Building the Ukrainian Identity through Cultural Consumption in the ‘Closed’ City of Soviet Ukraine: Dnipropetrovs’k KGB Files and ‘Transgressions’ of Everyday Life during Late Socialism, 1959-1985 – Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni: Historical and Contemporary Dimensions of Ndebele Nationalism in Zimbabwe – Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni: From Pixley Ka Isaka Seme to Jacob Zuma: The Long Walk to Freedom and the Future of the National Democratic Revolution in South Africa.