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Contrasting Meaning in Languages of the East and West


Dingfang Shu and Ken Turner

Contents: Dingfang Shu/Ken Turner: Introduction – Michiel Leezenberg: Gricean and Confucian Pragmatics: A Contrastive Analysis – Chungmin Lee: Information Structure in PA/SN or Descriptive/Metalinguistic Negation: With Reference to Scalar Implicatures – Yan Huang: Switch-reference in Amele and Logophoric Verbal Suffix in Gokana: A Generalized Neo-Gricean Pragmatic Analysis – Saeko Fukushima: Hearer’s Aspect in Politeness: The Case of Requests – Jiaxuan Shen: Valency and Cognitive Frames for Three Constructions in Mandarin – Ren Zhang: Specialized Grounding in English and Chinese Existentials – Lei Zhu: Existentials, Possessives and their Grammaticalization into Perfectives: With Special Reference to Chinese you and English be and have – Chauncey C. Chu: A Contrastive Approach to Discourse Particles: A Case Study of the Mandarin UFP Ne – Dorota Klimek-Jankowska: Quantified Eventualities in Russian, Czech and Polish: An OT Analysis – Katsuhiko Yabushita: On the Cross-linguistic Correlation between the Usages of YES/NO Particles and the Presence/Absence of Negative Quantifiers – Renzhi Li: A Contrastive Study of the Semantic Functions and Pragmatic Uses of Modal Verbs in English and Chinese – Marc Duval: Modality and Polysemy: Toward an Implicational Map – Yili Shi: On Chinese Numeral Yi and Demonstrative Determiner Na versus English a and the: A Contrastive Analysis in a Discourse-Pragmatics Perspective – Erkki Ahlström: Reference and Complex Demonstratives in English and in Finnish – Johan van der Auwera: Prohibition: Constructions and Markers – Valentina Apresjan: The Pragmatics of Destiny in Russian and English (Towards a Description of Fundamental Cultural Concepts) – Jenny Yi-chun Kuo/Jiun-shiung Wu: Countability in English and Mandarin – Marie-Claude Paris: Mandarin gen and French et / avec: Another Look at Distributivity and Collectivity – Bergljot Behrens/Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen: The Relation Accompanying Circumstance Across Languages: Conflict between Linguistic Expression and Discourse Subordination? – Yulong Xu: Topic Introduction and Referent Accessibility in Chinese and English Narrative Discourse – Barbara Abbott: Conditionals in English and FOPL.