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Education for Diversity and Mutual Understanding

The Experience of Northern Ireland


Norman Richardson and Tony Gallagher

Contents: Barry van Driel: Foreword – Norman Richardson /Tony Gallagher: Introduction – Norman Richardson: Education for Diversity and Mutual Understanding: Context and Rationale – Tony Gallagher: The Community Relations Context – Norman Richardson: Formation: the Roots of Education for Diversity and Mutual Understanding – Norman Richardson: Transformation: Diversity and Mutual Understanding in the Statutory Curriculum – Norman Richardson: Critiques and Objections – Anne Murray: A Whole-School Approach to Diversity and Mutual Understanding – Jerry Tyrrell: Dealing with Conflict and Prejudice – Mary Potter: Creating Safe Spaces for Exploring Diversity – Kathryn Edgar: Circles for Learning – Norman Richardson: Teaching Controversial Issues – Norman Richardson: Diversity and Mutual Understanding: Case Studies of Effective Practice – Michael Arlow: Diversity, Mutual Understanding and Citizenship – Norman Richardson: Evaluating the Northern Ireland Experience – Tony Gallagher: Final Thoughts.