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Faith-based Radicalism

Christianity, Islam and Judaism between Constructive Activism and Destructive Fanaticism


Christiane Timmerman, Dirk Hutsebaut, Sara Mels and Walter Nonneman

Contents: Willfried Spohn: Nationalism and Religion in a Globalising World. A Multiple Modernities Perspective – Ayhan Akman: Framing Faith-based Radicalism in the Context of Civil Society. Beyond an Ontological Approach – Anne Speckhard: Sacred Terror. Insights into the Psychology of Religiously Motivated Terrorism – Mario Ferrero: An Economic Approach to Religious Extremism – Naftali Brawer: Judaism and the Challenge of Sacred Text – Michiel Leezenberg: Islamic Radicalism, the Quran, and the Modern World – Christopher Rowland: Radical Christian Writings – Zbigniew Kubacki: The Question of Salvation and Faith-based Radicalism – Tisha M. Rajendra: «The Tyranny of Caprice.» Absolutism and Relativism in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger – Heinz Streib: Faith Development and a Way beyond Fundamentalism – Dirk Hutsebaut: Religious Cognitive Styles and Ethnocentrism – Carl Sterkens: Reflection on the Limits of ‘Religious’ Explanations of Violence. A Social Psychological Perspective – Jerrold M. Post: Countering Islamist Militancy. An Epidemiologic Approach – Orla Lynch: Fundamentalism, Psychology and the European Threat – Markku Ruotsila: Christian Nationalism and American Unilateralism. The Case of the World Christian Fundamentals Association – Clyde Wilcox: Radical Dreams and Political Realities. Religion and Social Movements in the United States – Daniela Kalkandjieva: The Orthodox Church and Religious Nationalism – Katrien Hertog: Peace Building Resources and Obstacles in the Russian Orthodox Church – Sami Zemni: Islamism, Radicalism and Jihad. At Odds with Modernity? – Konrad Pedziwiatr: Public Mobilisation of Islam in Europe. Possible Outcomes of the Activism within Student Islamic Societies.