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Japan and Enlarged Europe

Partners in Global Governance


Takako Ueta and Éric Remacle

Contents: Takako Ueta/Éric Remacle: Introduction – Takako Ueta: Evolution of Japan-Europe Relations since the End of the Cold War – Éric Remacle: The European Security Strategy and Its Impact on Europe-Japan Relations – Mario Telò: The Concept of ‘Civilian Power’ in the Light of the Constitutional Evolution of the European Union – Pál Dunay: The New Neighbourhood Policy of the Enlarged European Union. A Sceptical Preliminary Assessment – Shigeo Mutsushika: The Impact of EU Policy on Its New Neighbours. The Case of the Republic of Moldova – Hiroshi Ohta: Japanese Environmental Foreign Policy and the Prospect for Japan-EU Cooperation. The Case of Global Climate Change – Willem van der Geest: The Doha Development Agenda and Its Impact on Enlarged EU-Asia Relations – Juichi Inada: Harmonisation of the Norms of International Development. The Japanese Approach to Common Goals – Hiroshi Okuma: New Directions in Japan’s Official Development Assistance – Takayuki Kimura: The EU Enlargement and the EU-Japan Economic Relationship – Maria Karasinska-Fendler: Enlarged EU and Japan Facing the Global Trade and Economic Agenda – Naoko Hirobe: Regulating «Atypical Work» in the EU and in Japan – Reimund Seidelmann: Promoting Global Governance, the G8 and the UN. Possibilities and Limits of EU-Japan Cooperation – Luk Van Langenhove/Ana-Cristina Costea: Global Governance, New Regionalism and Japan-EU Relations – Fraser Cameron: The Enlarged EU, Japan and the United States. Partners in a New Global Order?