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Reading without Maps?

Cultural Landmarks in a Post-Canonical Age- A Tribute to Gilbert Debusscher


Christophe Den Tandt

Contents: Christophe Den Tandt: Pluralism and Cultural Memory – Kristiaan Versluys: Do We Have to Ditch the Canon? – Jeanne Delbaere: Teaching Without Maps? Theory and Practice in a Post-Canonical Age – Jean Dierickx: A Single Literary Canon for Belgium: Valuable Experiment or Belated Phantasm of an Octogenarian? – Ihab Hassan: Realism, Truth, and Trust in Postmodern Perspective – Catherine Belsey: The Possibility of Literary History: Subject, Object, and the Relation of Knowledge – Franca Bellarsi: Postcolonial Territories: Death to the Avant-Garde? An Investigation of Christopher Dewdney’s «Recombinant» Poetry – Philip Tew: B. S. Johnson and the BBC: The Initial Contacts – Michel Delville: Walking on the Wild Side of Modernism: On Tender Buttons and Brussels Sprouts – Christopher Bigsby: The Alan Ayckbourn Interview – Felicia Hardison Londré: My Life in The Glass Menagerie: It’s Not About Nightingales Johan Callens: Dislocating the Canon in the Wooster Group’s Rhode Island Trilogy – Alain Piette: Canon with a Vengeance? The (Re)-Affirmation of David Mamet’s Ethnicity – Caroline De Wagter: Staging Hybridity: Towards a New Canon of Aesthetics in Noran Bang: The Yellow Room and alterNatives – Marc Maufort: Songs of Hawaiki: Charting New Territories for Contemporary Māori Dramaturgies – Bart Eeckhout: Canon Formation in a Multicultural Metropolis: New York’s «One Book, One City» Program – Hazel V. Carby: Figuring the Future in Los(t) Angeles – Klaus Stierstorfer: Antipodean Geographies: Jon Rastell, Ben Jonson, and Richard Brome – Luc Herman: Thomas Pynchon’s Appeal to the Canon in the final version of V. – Patrick Lennon: Enter Philip Roth, A Superserious Great American Writer – Christopher P. Wilson: «The Great Mulatto in the Iron Mask»: Mark Twain and Alexandre Dumas – Edward Lybeer: Bob Kaufman, or The Silent Beat – Jeremi Szaniawski: Modernism/Postmodernism/Transmodernism: New Adventures in Cinematic Canon Building – Christophe Den Tandt: Men at Work: Musical Craftsmanship, Gender, and Cultural Capital in the Classic-Rock.