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Literary Environments

Canada and the Old World


Britta Olinder

Contents: Britta Olinder: Introduction – Joy Kogawa: Three Deities – Ruta Slapkauskaite: Exploring Intertextuality. Fairy Tale Motifs in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan – Richard Davis: The Travel Book’s Itinerary. The Case of Sir John Franklin – Jane Mattisson: Finding a Place. Female Space in the Evolving Pioneer World in Canada, 1828 to 1846 – Valerie Legge: «Why Go Abroad?» Agnes Laut in Wonderland – Gudrun Björk Gudsteins: The Cutting-Edge Cuts Both Ways. The Case of Freeman B. Anderson – Birgitta Brown: Old and New Environments. Anglophone Representations of Acadie – Elisabeth Mårald: Contemporary Canadian Historiographic Metafiction Meets History – Allan Weiss: Destiny and Identity in Canadian Urban Fantasy – Björn Sundmark: Hockey Fictions – Albert-Reiner Glaap: Contemporary English-Canadian Plays as Mirrors of a Shifting Understanding of Identity – Heather Spears: Six Poems from Poems Selected and New – Ene-Reet Soovik: The Country of Those Animals. Signification in Margaret Atwood’s Poetic Environment – Gurli Woods: Silenced Roots and Postcolonial Reality. Marlene Nourbese Philip’s She Tries Her Tongue: Her Silence Softly Breaks – Janne Korkka: Old Environments? Western Canada Seen by Its Writers – Malin E. Sigvardson: Non-Extensional Movement in Rudy Wiebe’s The Blue Mountains of China – Heidi von Born: No Name - No Man’s Land or Finding the Way to Kanada/Canada. Gwendolyn MacEwen’s Inner Landscape – Stephen Scobie: The Magic of the Corner. Mavis Gallant on the Streets of Paris, May ’68 – Britta Olinder: Old and New Environments in Janice Kulyk Keefer’s The Green Library – Anna Branach-Kallas: Old Environment or New Environment? Place and Self in Jane Urquhart’s Changing Heaven – Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion: The Consolations of Tradition in Alistair MacLeod’s No Great Mischief – Katarina Leandoer: Canada Goes Global. The Swedish Canon of English-Canadian Literature.