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Developing Cultural Identity in the Balkans

Convergence vs. Divergence


Raymond Detrez and Pieter Plas

Contents: Raymond Detrez/Pieter Plas: Introduction: Convergence and Divergence in the Development of Balkan Cultural Identity – Victor A. Friedman: From Orientalism to Democracy and Back Again. Turkish in the Balkans and in Balkan Languages – Christian Voss: Linguistic Divergence and (Re)Convergence within the Macedonian Standard/Dialect Continuum – Tanja Petrović: The Serbs of Bela Krajina between Local and National Identity – Magdalena Elchinova: Alien by Default. The Identity of the Turks of Bulgaria at Home and in Immigration – Nada Alaica: A Mixing of Cultural Identities. The Croatian Borderlands in the Nineteenth Century – Georgios Plakotos: Christian and Muslim Converts from the Balkans in Early Modern Venice. Patterns of Social and Cultural Mobility and Identities – Julia G. Krivoruchko: A Case of Divergent Convergence. The Cultural Identity of Romaniote Jewry – Bernard Lory: The Bulgarian-Macedonian Divergence. An Attempted Elucidation – Basil C. Gounaris: Constructing and Deconstructing a Common Balkan Past in Nineteenth-Century Greece – Nathalie Clayer: Convergences and Divergences in Nationalism through the Albanian Example – Boyko Penchev: Tsarigrad/Istanbul and the Spatial Construction of Bulgarian National Identity in the 1860s and 1870s.