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Perspectives on Ottawa’s High-tech Sector


Nick Novakowski and Rémy Tremblay

Contents: Nick Novakowski/Rémy Tremblay: Preface – Nick Novakowski: Perspectives on Ottawa’s High-tech Sector. Ottawa in the Age of the New Economy – Nick Novakowski/Rémy Tremblay: Ottawa - Canada’s Capital. The Emergent Knowledge City – Rémy Tremblay: Ottawa - North American Technopole. Fact or Fiction? – Barry Wellar/Nick Novakowski: Local Governments’ Record of Assessing the Impacts of the High-tech Industry on Ottawa’s Land Use-Transportation Relationship. 1970s-2005 – David Gordon/Betsy Donald/John Kozuskanich: Unanticipated Benefits. The Role of Planning in the Development of the Ottawa Region Technology Industries – Edward T. Jackson/Rahil Khan: Steering on Black Ice. The Continuing Search for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Ottawa Tech Sector – David Large: The Renaissance of Ottawa’s ICT Community Through Joint Initiatives – Christopher Wilson: Total Creative Revolution. Innovation and Governance at KAO Infosystems Canada – Desmond Beckstead/W. Mark Brown: Comparing Science and Engineering Employment in Canadian and US Cities – Joseph Leibovitz: Reflexive Governance and City-Region Economic Change. Between Reflexivity and State Selectivity in the Governance of Ottawa’s Economic Transition – Guy Chiasson: A Cross-Border High-tech Cluster. A View From Gatineau – Amelia Brown: Immigrants in Ottawa’s Information Technology Sector. A Profile.