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Europe and the Historical Legacies in the Balkans


Raymond Detrez and Barbara Segaert

Contents: Raymond Detrez/Barbara Segaert: Introduction – Hercules Millas: Ethnic Identity and Nation Building. On the Byzantine and Ottoman Historical Legacies – Raymond Detrez: Between the Ottoman Legacy and the Temptation of the West. Bulgarians Coming to Terms with the Greeks – Alexander Kiossev: Legacy or Legacies. Competitions and Conflicts – Nikolay Aretov: The Rejected Legacy – Dennis Deletant: Romania’s Return to Europe: Between Politics and Culture – Ana Maria Dobre: Revisiting Historical and Cultural Myths and Clichés. The Romanian Case of Nation State Building – Silvana Rachieru: «The Turks Were Not as Bad as Written in History Text Books». Acknowledging an Ottoman Legacy in Present-Day Romania – Andrea Carteny: Cultural Identity and Cultural Rights in Romania. The Case of Transylvania – Magdalena Elchinova: Reformulating Identity in Transition. The Turks of Bulgaria after 1989 – Yilmaz Çolak: Neo-Ottomanism, Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Turkish Politics – Ebru Ertugal: Conflicts and Contradictions in Turkey’s Adaptation to Multi-Level Governance in the EU. The Role of Ottoman Legacy in Turkey’s Present-Day Regional Governance – Martina Petkova: New Patterns of Balkan Cooperation for Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey. The Impact of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.