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Culture: Building Stone for Europe 2002

Reflections and Perspectives- Proceedings of an International Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges


Léonce Bekemans

Contents: Gabriel Fragnière: Foreword - Léonce Bekemans: Introduction - Jacques Lenoble: Political and philosophical reflections on cultural models of society - Robert Picht: Disturbed identities: social and cultural mutations in contemporary Europe - Christopher Harvie: The culture of the region - Louis Baeck: The cultural impact on the economy and on management - Gilbert Lenssen: Culture, economics and management - Robert Senelle: The new cultural policy of the European Union - I.B.F. Kormoss: Cartographic illustrations of the Europe of the languages - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Carlos Costa: Culture as a driving force for Europe 2002 - Marc Galle: The European Parliament and the role of culture in Europe - Mircea Malitza: Reflections on the cultural dimension of the East European society - Conlin Wagner: ISMS need not apply; one voice from one American on cultural diversity - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Léonce Bekemans/Claudia Van der Eide: Culture and economy: an introductory note - Frank Moulaert/Jean-Cédric Delvainquiere: Regional and sub-regional development in Europe: the role of socio-cultural trajectories - Gregory J. Ashworth: Consequences of the commodification of culture - Joseph Soeters: Management and cultural diversity in Europe - Léonce Bekemans/Claudia Van der Eide: Comments - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Culture and institutions: an introductory note - Kurt Schelter: The importance of culture for the European Union - Jef Van Ginderachter: The importance of the regional cultural dimension for the European Federal Structure - Alexis Pauly/Imelda Higgins: The role of the Court of Justice in cultural and educational matters - John Loughlin: Nation, state and region in Western Europe - Ulrich Pfaff: Institutional reflections from the perspective of the German Länder - José Eduardo Castell: The relation between culture and institutions from a regional perspective - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Léonce Bekemanns/Ruben Lombaert: Culture and identities: an introductory note - Hatto Fischer: Some general reflections on culture - Jan Kerkhofs: Changing values and identities - Hugo Dyserinck: The comprative study of literature and the problem of national and cultural identity. An imagological vision - Maarten Mourik: The importance of cultural diversity for small cultural linguistic regions in Europe - Rudolf Rezsohazy: Identity and political culture in Central and Eastern Europe - Léonce Bekemans/Ruben Lombaert: Comments - Luc Van den Brande: Declaration of Bruges. Cultural diversity: the economic democratic, and cultural foundation of Europe 2002 - Léonce Bekemans: Conclusion.