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Towards a European Immigration Policy

Current Situations - Perspectives- European Conference organized by: "Association of Former Students of the College of Europe</I>, Bruges, "Hellanion</I>, Greece, "Lawyers of Pireus</I>, Greece- Kalamos, Greece, 25 August 1993


Gina D. Korella and Patrick M. Twomey

Contents: Gabriel Fragnière: Foreword - Gina D. Korella: Introduction - David O'Keeffe: Reflections on a European Immigration Policy - Paulino Pereira: The Draft Convention on External Borders and Asylum Policy on the Level of the Twelve Member States - Cornelius De Jong: Towards a European Immigration Policy under the Treaty on European Union - Luise Drüke: Harmonization of Asylum Policies: New Impetus in the European Union - Frits W. Hondius: Civil Status Fraud - Janina Wiktoria Dacyl: A Protection System for non-Convention Refugees in Europe - Joerg Monar: The European Parliament and Immigration Policy: its Positions and Possibilities of Control - Henri Etienne: The Commission of the European Community and Immigration - C.N. Kakouris: The Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities on Immigration - Panayotis Lambrias: Views of a Member of the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs - Marie-Ange Gaiffe/Frédérique Berrod: The French Policy on Immigration - Manos Papaioannou: The Granting of Refugee Status in the Greek Legal Order - Tim Murphy: Immigration Law in the Republic of Ireland - Alberto Cammarata/Mario Todino: The Italian Experience of Immigration Policy: Making up for the Emergency - Pierre Garrone: Swiss Asylum Policy faced with the Schengen and Dublin Conventions - Patrick M. Twomey: Conclusion.