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Science and Ethics

The Axiological Contexts of Science


Evandro Agazzi and Fabio Minazzi

Contents: Evandro Agazzi/Fabio Minazzi : Introduction. Les contextes axiologiques de la science – Oscar Luigi Scàlfaro: Inaugural Lecture. Significance and Value of Peace for Contemporary World – Evandro Agazzi : Pourquoi une philosophie des sciences ne peut se réduire à une épistémologie des sciences – Javier Echeverría Ezponda/Armando Menéndez Viso: Axiology of Scientific Activity. From a Formal Point of View – Fabio Minazzi: The Axiological Dimension of Science – Alberto Cordero: Pluralism, Scientific Values, and the Value of Science – Mariano Artigas: Values in Science – Jan Faye: The Role of Cognitive Values in the Shaping of Scientific Rationality – Paul Weingartner: The Places of Values in Science – Ramón Queraltó: Science as Technoscience. Values and their Measurement – Hervé Barreau: Ethics in Face of Science and in Face of Research – Peter Kemp : Les valeurs éthiques dans les sciences médicales – Valentin Bazhanov: Proof as an Ethical Procedure – Craig Dilworth: The Vicious Circle Principle and the Biological Basis of Morals – Otto Hermann Pesch: Creation Belief and Natural Science. A Systematic Theological Approach – Vassilis Saroglou: Religion and Psychology of Values. «Universals» and Changes – Jean-Marie Van Cangh: Evangelical Values and the Foundations of Science – Stuart Gorge Hall: Value and Truth in The Fathers. Is There a Patristic Axiology?