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European and Turkish Voices in Favour and Against Turkish Accession to the European Union


Christiane Timmerman, Dirk Rochtus and Sara Mels

Contents: Dirk Rochtus: Foreword – Christiane Timmerman/Sara Mels: Introduction – Dirk Rochtus: European Hesitation. Turkish Nationalism on the Rise? – Sylvie Gangloff: Turkey’s Accession to the EU. The Flexible Reality Underlying the Debate – Gerrit De Vylder: The Ottoman and Turkish Economies and their Integration into Europe: 1453-2006 – William Chislett: Socio-Economic Arguments For and Against Turkey’s EU Membership – Ömer Çaha: The Cultural and Religious Dimensions of the Turkish-EU Relationship – Ingmar Karlsson: Turkey’s Historical, Cultural and Religious Heritage. An Asset to the European Union? – Hans Arnold: Political Arguments Against the Accession of Turkey to the European Union – Kemal Kirişci: Is Turkey too Big, too Poor and too Different for the European Union?