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Signatures of the Past

Cultural Memory in Contemporary Anglophone North American Drama


Marc Maufort and Caroline De Wagter

Contents: Marc Maufort: Signatures of Cultural Memory – Craig Walker: «Hopeful Monsters and Doomed Freaks.» Evolutionary Overtones in Canadian and American Drama – Harry J. Elam, Jr.: Remembering Africa, Performing Cultural Memory. Lorraine Hansberry, Suzan-Lori Parks and Djanet Sears – Ric Knowles: Performing Intercultural Memory in the Diasporic Present. The Case of Toronto – Jacqueline Petropoulos: «The Ground On Which I Stand.» Rewriting History, African Canadian Style – Michele Elam: Mixed Race and Cultural Memory. Carl Hancock Rux’s Talk – Jerry Wasserman: Remembering Agraba. Canadian Political Theatre and the Construction of Cultural Memory – Guillermo Verdecchia: Contending with Rupture. Memory-work in Latina-Canadian Playwriting – Phil Howard: La Tierra, Nuestra Madre. Land, Burial, Memory and Chicanidad in the Dramaturgies of Alfaro, Moraga, and Sanchez-Scott – Micaela Díaz-Sánchez: Impossible Patriots. The Exiled Queer Citizen in Cherríe Moraga’s The Hungry Woman: A Mexican Medea – Cherríe L. Moraga: Indígena as Scribe. The (W)rite to Remember – Celia Herrera Rodríguez: Cositas Quebradas: Performance Codex – Mary Blackstone: «Prior Was Here.» Renegotiating a Role for the Ghost of Cultural Memory in Four Cree Plays – Sheila Rabillard: «Being in a memory but present in time.» Re-inscription of Multiple Memories in Marie Clement’s The Unnatural and Accidental Women – Sammie Choy: The Bones Perform. Ola Nā Iwi and the Viability of Memory – Ginny Ratsoy: The Creation of Shifting Local Identities. Historically-Based Theatre in a Canadian Small City – Roberta Mock: Memories, Hauntings and Exorcisms in Brad Fraser’s Snake in Fridge – Susan Kattwinkel: Spreading American Feminism. The Vagina Monologues and Cultural Identitiy – Birgit Schreyer Duarte: «Suddenly, Canada is hot.» Memories of Canadian Identity Construction as Cultural Export in Michael Healey’s The Drawer Boy – Caroline De Wagter: Re-configuring Cultural Memory in Chay Yew’s Wonderland and M.J. Kang’s Blessings – Karen Shimakawa: Performing the Asian American Signature in Law and Theatre.