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Canada: Images of a Post/National Society


Gunilla Florby, Mark Shackleton and Katri Suhonen

Contents: Gunilla Florby/Mark Shackleton/Katri Suhonen: Introduction. Canada: Images of a Post/National Society – Shauna Wilton: Immigration Policy and Literature. Contradictions of a «Post-National» State? – Michael Keefer: Resisting the Post-National. Canadian Critiques of the Geo/Cultural/Politics of Globalization – David G. Haglund/Joseph T. Jockel: The Non-Vanishing Border. Change and Continuity in Canadian-American Relations – Alain A. Grenier : Tourisme et nostalgie pour une espèce menacée qu’on appelle le Nord – John Robinson: The Post/National Society and the Canadian Economy – Harvey Schwartz: Canada’s Largest City in a Post-National Society – Carole Gerson: Imprint and the Nation. The History of English-Canadian Publishing through the Lens of L. M. Montgomery – David Staines: Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town in the Continuum of Canadian Literature – Katri Suhonen : Une saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel ou l’hiver de la société et de la littérature québécoises – Janne Korkka: Engaging the Other in Rudy Wiebe’s Early Writing. Peace Shall Destroy Many and First and Vital Candle – Albert-Reiner Glaap: Contemporary Issues in Canadian Plays by Jewish Writers – Eve Irène Therrien : L’absence du corps et la présence des images. Le principe de réduction chez Denis Marleau – Janice Kulyk Keefer: Images of a Ghost-National Society. Pumpkins, Orange Tents, and Chornobyl Coiffure – Gunilla Florby: M. G. Vassanji and the Post-National Predicament – Elisabeth Mårald: The Young Generation’s Images of Canada in Novels by Carol Shields, Thomas King, and Eva Hoffman – Úlfar Bragason: Images of North America in Writings by Three Icelandic Authors. Matthías Jochumsson, Jón Ólafsson, and Einar H. Kvaran – Maria Walecka-Garbalinska : Le Canada et les représentations du Nord dans l’œuvre de Xavier Marmier (1808-1892). Substitutions et parallèles – George Elliott Clarke: Strategies for Legitimizing Difference. Mixed-Race Resistance in the Works of Andrea Thompson and Lorena Gale, Two African-Canadian Writers – Britta Olinder: Images of Canada in a Post-National Perspective. Janice Kulyk Keefer’s «The Waste Zone» – Rūta Šlapkauskaitė: The (Post/National) Body as a Carnivalized Historiographer in Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers – Mark Shackleton: Tomson Highway’s Ernestine Shuswap Gets Her Trout. Imagining the Post-National Society – Markus M. Müller: «All this water imagery must mean something». On the Fluctuating State of Nations in Suzette Mayr’s The Widows and Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water – Gurli Woods: Larissa Lai’s Novel When Fox Is a Thousand. Images of a «Post» Society – Voichita-Maria Sasu : D’une tribu à l’autre : François Barcelo – Marlene Broemer: Duelling Chronotopes. Pre-Colonial and Postmodern/Post-Colonial Time and Space in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost – Susan M. Murphy : Hypatie ou la fin des dieux de Jean Marcel et le post/nationalisme ? – Susan Gold/Smith: Images of a Post/National Society. Nobel Flags of Peace Project 2005.