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Faith and Media

Analysis of Faith and Media: Representation and Communication


Hans Geybels, Sara Mels and Michel Walrave

Contents: Michel Walrave: Preface. Communicating about Faith. Balancing between Identity and Perception? – Hans Geybels: A Long History of Trial-and-Error – Peter Horsfield: The Language of Media and the Language of Faith – Franz-Josef Eilers: Church and Social Communication – Ernest Henau: Church and Media. Two Worlds? – Marit Trioen/Martina Temmerman: Patterns of Inconsistency. Naming and Transitivity in the Coverage of the World Youth Day 2005 in the Flemish Press – Joan Hemels: Faith and Journalism under Strain. Some Observations with Relation to Printed Media in the Netherlands – Jacques Guyot: Mediating Religious Matters on PSB Television in Europe – Jim McDonnell: From Certainty to Diversity. The Evolution of British Religious Broadcasting since 1990 – Daniela Frank: Faith, Church and Audiovisual Media. Case Studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe – Fadi Kabatilo: Muslim Women’s Dress and Its Relation to Other Discourses in Time Magazine during 1985-2004 – Khaled Hroub: Caught in the Crossfire. Faith and Media between Western Policies and Radical Islam in the Middle East.