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The Road to a United Europe

Interpretations of the Process of European Integration


Morten Rasmussen and Ann-Christina L. Knudsen

Contents: Ann-Christina L. Knudsen/Morten Rasmussen: Introduction – Carol Bergami : Des lignées proudhoniennes ? Sur les racines et sur la portée d’un européisme pluraliste « à la française » – François-Xavier Lafféach: An Avant-garde for Europe. The Young European Federalists and the Emergence of a European Consciousness, 1948-1972 – Lucia Bonfreschi : Jean Monnet et le retour au pouvoir du général de Gaulle en 1958 – Niklas H. Rossbach: Edward Heath’s Vision and the Year of Europe – Anders Thornvig Sørensen: European Integration as the Rescue of the Nation-State? The CAP – Ferdinand Leikam: A Strategy that Failed - Great Britain, Commonwealth Africa and EEC Association Policy, 1957-1963 – Henning Türk: The European Policy of West Germany’s Grand Coalition, 1966-1969. Economics, Politics and Actors – Simone Selva: Recovery and Security. Early US Military Assistance to Italy and the Beginning of European Economic Integration – Giuliano Garavini: The Conference for International Economic Cooperation. A European Diplomatic Reaction to the «Oil Shock», 1975-1977 – Thomas Fetzer: «Social Europe» as an Answer to Economic Globalisation. British and German Trade Unions and European Integration in the 1980s and 1990s – Guia Migani : La politique de coopération européenne : une politique étrangère ante litteram ? Le rôle de la CEE au DAC pendant les années 1960 – Philip Robert Bajon: The Empty Chair Crisis of 1965-1966. Perspectives and Interests of the French Government – Helen Parr: Britain’s Policy towards Nuclear Co-operation with France and Britain’s Entry into the EEC, 1961-1973 – Aurélie Elisa Gfeller: A Contested Identity. France and the Year of Europe, 1973-1974 – Angela Romano: A Single European Voice Can Speak Louder to the World. The EPC and the CSCE Experiences – Kimmo Elo: European Integration and Germany’s Ostpolitik. From New Ostpolitik to «Strategic Partnership» – Katja Seidel: Actors and Ideas. Tracing Continuities in European Agricultural Policy – Alexander Reinfeldt: United on the Road to Europe? Supranational, Governmental and Non-Governmental Information Efforts in Britain, 1952-1972 – Simone Paoli: Between Sovereignty Dilemmas and Cultural Strategies. France and the Birth of the Community Education Policy, 1968-1974 – Laura Scichilone: The Origins of the Common Environmental Policy. The Contributions of Spinelli and Mansholt in the ad hoc Group of the European Commission, 1969-1972 – Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol: The Creation of the European Council at the December 1974 Paris Summit – Federica di Sarcina : Une Assemblée pour l’égalité des chances. Origines de la Commission des droits de la femme du Parlement européen, 1979-1984.