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Contemporary Global Governance

Multipolarity vs New Discourses on Global Governance


Dries Lesage and Pierre Vercauteren

Contents: Dries Lesage/Pierre Vercauteren: Introduction – Dries Lesage: Global Governance and Multipolarity. An Exploration of the Challenge – Gustaaf Geeraerts/Jonathan Holslag: China Engages the World – Andrei P. Tsygankov: Russia in Global Governance. Multipolarity or Multilateralism – Ian Taylor: Growing Multipolarity, Coalitions and Global Governance. The India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum – Elena Atanassova-Cornelis: Redefining National Interest. Japanese Security Policy and the Challenge of Global Governance – Sven Biscop: Global Public Goods. Engine of a Comprehensive EU Security Strategy – Pierre Vercauteren: Which Relationships Exist between Global Governance and Global Democracy? Convergence or Divergence? – Barbara Delcourt/Nina Wilén: The Creation of a Democratic Caucus within the UN and the Reform of the Human Rights Commission – Tine Vandervelden: The UN at 60. Assessing the Feasibility of a Global Security Consensus – Teun Van de Voorde: Between Discourse and Reality. The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy – Francine Mestrum: Development and Poverty, Peace and Security. Poverty Reduction and Millennium Development Goals in the Framework of Global Governance – Yves Palau: The Concept of Public Governance within the OECD. A Standard for Rationalising Policies – James N. Rosenau: Conclusions. Governing the Ungovernable. The Challenge of a Global Disaggregation of Authority.