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Ports for Europe

Europe's Maritime Future in a Changing Environment- Proceedings of a Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges


Léonce Bekemans and Sharon Beckwith

Contents: Fernand Traen: Preface - Léonce Bekemans: Acknowledgements - Léonce Bekemans/Sharon Beckwith: Introduction - A Policy Debate: Europe's Role in Port Development: Neil Kinnock: Address - Henning Voscherau: Address - Reflections and Perspectives: André Vigarie: European Ports' Heritage: Reflections and Perspectives - Hans Jeppesen: The Revitalization of the Heritage of Northern Europe: the North Sea and the Baltic Sea - Ulf Olsson: Factors of Change. Regional Trade in Pre-Industrial Northern Europe - Eduardo Mira: Some Prospects for the Civic Heritage of Europe: The North/South Connection or a Tale of Two Cities - Albert d'Haenens: Re-establishing Links with the Hanseatic Universe - Ann Jonsson: Hanseatic Seaports in the Baltic Sea: Recent Efforts of Co-opertion in the Baltic-Nordic Region - Ferdinand Suykens: The Future of European Ports - Jürgen Erdmenger: Seaports in the Trans-European Transport Network - Monique Pariat: Legal and Commercial Aspects of Fisheries Policy - The Dynamics of Seaport Development: Tor Wergeland: Global Changes in Production and Trade due to Increasing Regionalization - Yehuda Hayuth: Container Traffic in Ocean Shipping Policy - Bernard Teillet: Intermodal Traffic in International Sea Trade - I.B.F. Kormoss: Geo-political Changes in Sea Traffic - Dirk K. Behrendt: The Vitality of the Hanseatic City: The Port of Hamburg - Past Challenges and Future Prospects - Port Services in a Changing Legal and Regulatory Framework: Gustaaf De Monie: Privatization of Port Structures - Brian J. Thomas: Deregulation in European Seaports - Ernst G. Frankel: Liberalization and Privatization of Shipping and Port Services - Richard Goss: The Development of Ports: the Views of the Consumers - Eric Van Hooydonk: The Legal Aspects of the Hanseatic Tradition - An Illustration: The Port of Zeebrugge: Pierre Kerckaert: The Development of Bruges Seaport: a Case Study - Norbert Vanhove: Impact of the Port of Bruges-Zeebrugge on Employment - Léonce Bekemans/Sharon Beckwith: Conclusion.