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Responsibility and Cultures of the World

Dialogue around a collective challenge


Edith Sizoo

Contents: Michel Sauquet: Preface – Edith Sizoo: General Introduction – Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal/Betsan Martin: Indigenous Ethics of Responsibility in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Harmony with the Earth and Relational Ethics – Clifford G. Christians: The Challenge of Responsibility in the United States. Individualism in the Face of Collective Obligation – Makarand Paranjape: Indian Notions of Responsibility. Self, Society and the World – Isidore Ndaywel è Nziem: Duty and Responsibility on the Shores of the Congo. Community Tradition Put to the Test in a Changing World – Christoph Eberhard: Responsibility in France. A Juridical Approach in the Face of the Complexity of the World – Tarek Al-Noman: Responsibility in Arab-Islamic Culture – Jin Siyan: Responsibility in Confucian Thinking. Being Worthy of Trust – Sylvia H. Guerrero: Filipino Notions of Responsibility. The Shared Identity of the Self and the Other – Tina Bochorishvili: The Idea of Responsibility in the Georgian Context – Ina Ranson: «Verantwortung» in Germany. Encountering the Sense of Responsibility – Rachel Trajber: Responsibility in Brazil. Imagination and Experience.