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Regionalism and Multilateralism after the Uruguay Round

Convergence, Divergence and Interaction- Proceedings of a conference organised by the Institut d'Études Juridiques Européennes (IEJE), University of Liège


Paul Demaret, Jean-François Bellis and Gonzalo García Jiménez

Contents: P. Demaret/J.F. Bellis: Introduction - René Schwok/Christophe Bonte: EEA and Switzerland - EU Bilateral Agreements in Comparative Perspective: What Lessons? - Jonas W. Myhre: Comments - Marc Maresceau: The European Union and Central and Eastern Europe - Stanislaw Soltysinski: The Proliferation of the European Union Rules on Free Trade in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards a Pan-European Integrated Market - Péter Balázs: Subregional Cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe, The Visegrád Declaration and the Central European Free Trade Agreement - Alfred Tovias: The EU and Mediterranean Countries - Halûk A. Kabaalioglu: The Turkish Model of Association: Customs Union before Accession - Félix Peña: Some Lessons from the Mercosur Initial Experience - Alan Fairlie Reinoso: The Andean Community Case - Jacques Pelkmans: ASEAN and APEC: A Triumph of the «Asian Way»? - Donald R. Mackay: The North American Free Trade Agreement: Its Possible Extension to South American Countries - Sergio López-Ayllón: Comments - Gonzalo García Jiménez: The New Commercial Strategy of the European Union towards Latin America: In Search of Market Access through a Regional and Specific Approach - Richard H. Steinberg: Transatlanticism in Support of Multilateralism? Prospects for Great Power Management of the World Trading System - David Palmeter: Rules of Origin in Regional Trade Agreements - Edurne Navarro Varona: Comments - Jean-François Bellis: The Treatment of Dumping, Subsidies and Anti-Competitive Practices in Regional Trade Agreements - Petros C. Mavroidis: Comments - Pierre Delsaux: Government Procurement in a Multilateral Context - Nicolas Michel: Comments - Pierre Sauvé: Regional versus Multilateral Approaches to Services and Investment Liberalization: Anything to Worry About? - Karl Falkenberg: Comments - Inge Govaere: Convergence, Divergence and Interaction of Regional Trade Agreements and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) - Hanns Ullrich: Comments - Anne Trebilcock: Social Dimensions of International Trade Liberalization - José Angel Canela-Cacho: «The Social Dimensions of the Liberalization of World Trade» and «Trade and Labour Standards: Can Common Rules be Agreed?». The View from the ILO - A Commentary and a Rejoinder - Daniel C. Esty/Damien Geradin: Environmental Protection in Regional Trade Agreements: The European Community and NAFTA - Wybe Th. Douma/Mark Jacobs: Towards an Equitable Relation between Trade and Environment: The EC, NAFTA and WTO Compared - Giorgio Sacerdoti: Standards of Treatment, Harmonization and Mutual Recognition: A Comparison between Regional Areas and the Global Trading System - Gonzalo García Jiménez/Miguel Gardeñes Santiago: Technical Standards in a Context of Regional Integration Agreements - Pierre Pescatore: The New WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism - Celso Lafer: Comments - Inge Govaere: The Reception of the WTO Agreement in the European Union: The Legacy of GATT - Richard H. Steinberg: Direct Application of Multilateral Trade Agreements in the United States - Serge Devos: The Mulilateral Rules and the New Dimension of Regional Integration: Weaknesses, Need and Scope for more Disciplines - William J. Davey: Comments - Theofanis Christoforou: Multilateral Rules as a Constraint on Regional Rules: A Regional Perspective - Erwan Lannon: The Compatibility of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional Integration with the Multilateral Rules - Paul Demaret: The Reciprocal Influence of Multilateral and Regional Trade Rules: A Framework of Analysis - Christoph Bail: Comments.