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Civitas Europa

Cities, Urban Systems and Cultural Regions between Diversity and Convergence


Léonce Bekemans and Edouardo Mira

Contents: Léonce Bekemans & Eduard Mira: Acknowledgements – Otto von der Gablentz: Foreword - The College: A Place to Think Europe – Léonce Bekemans: European Societies between Diversity and Convergence – Eduard Mira: The «Civitas Europa» Programme – Patrick Moenaert: Bruges: A European City of Culture – Eduardo Zaplana: Flanders and the «Civitas Europa» Programme – Luc Van den Brande: Valencia and the Europe of the Cultures 2002 – Manuel Tarancón Fandos: Civitas Europa: Meeting at the Crossroads – Consuelo Císcar: Civitas Europa: Continuing Historical Links – Johan Galtung: History with and without End – Krzysztof Pomian: Europe: Linear or Cyclical History? – Benjamín Oltra: Veritas Filia Temporis – Roger Brunet: Transnational Urban Systems in Europe: Towards a New Modernity – Klaus Kunzmann: Network Europe: A Europe of City Regions – Erik Swyngedouw: The Local in the Regional, in the National and in the Global: The Re-Scaling of Europe and the Process of «Glocalisation» – Rafael Blasco Castany: The Valencian Community and International Co-operation in the Mediterranean Regions – Ignacio Ramonet:The Explosion of the Megacities – Jürgen Erdmenger: The Trans-European Transport Network – Massimo Cacciari: Europe: An Archipelago – Helena Vaz Da Silva: Civitas Europa: What Future for our Past? – Jan Tanghe: A Tale of Two Worlds – Rosa María Rodríguez-Magda: The City, a Metaphor for Convergence in Diversity – Luis Racionero Grau: Systems of Cities and Convergence – Jacek Purchla: Cities, Urban Systems and Cultural Regions – Renato Nicolini: Public Space in Cities: The Case of Naples – Jean-Pierre Blondel: Outline for an Urban Atlas Project – José Jiménez: The City, the Arts and the Idea of Europe – Fernando Castro Florez: The End of Monumental Culture – Franco Bianchini: The Role of Artists and Local Cultural Resources in Developing Innovative Approaches to Urban Policy.