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Oil Producing Countries and Oil Companies

From the Nineteenth Century to the Twenty-First Century


Alain Beltran

Contents: Alain Beltran: Introduction – Morgan Le Dez: France’s Oil Sources and Supply Networks (1861-1950) – Roberto Nayberg: A Few Strategic Considerations Concerning French Imports of Oil Products between 1946 and 2005 – Armelle Demagny-van Eyseren: The French Presidency, the National Companies and the First Oil Shock – Martin Chick: The Risks, Costs and Benefits of Importing Oil. Fuel Import Policy in Britain, France and the United States since 1945 – Nicolas Chigot: Research Subject. The Presence of Compagnie Française des Pétroles in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi between 1936 and 1975 – Constance Hubin: The Compagnie Française de Pétroles Faces off against the Producer Countries between 1945 and 1975 – Daniele Pozzi: Before «Mattei’s Formula»: AGIP-ENI’s Foreign Policy, 1926-1957 – Ilaria Tremolada: The Relations between Eni and Iran. 1954-1957 – Armando João Dalla Costa/José Benedito Ortiz Neto: Petrobrás, New Technologies and Oil Self-sufficiency in Brazil – Juliana Bastos Lohmann/George Landau: The Case of Petrobrás in Brazil – Marcelo Bucheli: Oil Nationalism, Property Rights, and Political Regimes. A Comparative Study of Colombia and Mexico in the Twentieth Century – Nadji Khaoua/Belgacem Madi: The Relationships between the Producing Countries and the Oil Companies in the South. The Example of SONATRACH – Nadji Khaoua/Nabila Ghafouri: Algeria’s Relationships with the Multinational Oil Companies via the New Law Concerning Hydrocarbons – Gheorghe Calcan: Concerning the Nationalisation of the Rumanian Oil Industry. The Mining Law of 1924 and its Rejoinders of 1929 and 1937 – Einar Lie: The Norwegian State and the Oil Companies.