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The Ford Foundation and Europe (1950's-1970's)

Cross-fertilization of Learning in Social Science and Management


Giuliana Gemelli

Contents: Giuliana Gemelli: Preface - F. X. Sutton: The Ford Foundation and Europe: Ambitions and Ambivalences - V. R. Berghahn: Shepard Stone and the Ford Foundation - G. Gemelli: The Origins of the Olivetti Foundation and the Development of Social and Political Sciences in Italy during the Sixties - P. Gremion: The Partnership between the Ford Foundation and the Congress for Cultural Freedom in Europe - G. Gemelli: From Imitation to Competitive-Cooperation: The Ford Foundation and Management Education in Western and Eastern Europe (1950's-1970's) - G. Gemelli/B. Rodenstock: German Obstinacy and its Historical Variations - N. Tiratsoo: Americanization Resisted? US and Indigenous Influences on the Birth of the First British Schools - R. P. Amdam: Productivity and Management Education: The Nordic Connections - T. Hubert/R. Talpaert/G. Van Dyck: Belgium: The Dynamics of European Networks - R. Georis: Foundations' Culture in Europe.