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Myth and Memory in the Construction of Community

Historical Patterns in Europe and Beyond


Bo Strath

Contents: James Kaye: Prologue. Wolfgang Pavlik. The Image of the Other: Ahnengalerie – Bo Stråth: Introduction. Myth, Memory and History in the Construction of Community – Hayden White: Catastrophe, Communal Memory and Mythic Discourse: The Uses of Myth in the Reconstruction of Society – Lutz Niethammer: Maurice Halbwachs: Memory and the Feeling of Identity – Thomas Hippler: Spinoza on Historical Myths – Michael James Miller: Conflict in the Social Representation of Place: The Cases of Gorbals and Alma-Gare – Beate Binder: Political Stage-Setting. The Symbolic Transformation of Berlin – Steen Bo Frandsen: Italian Fascism and Roman Heritage: The Third Rome of Mussolini – Lars Berggren: Monuments in the Making of Italy – Ron Robin: Representation of the American Nation in Architecture: The Case of the 1920s – Bo Stråth: The Baltic as Image and Illusion: The Construction of a Region between Europe and the Nation – Wolfgang Kaschuba: The Emergence and Transformation of Foundation Myths – Bernhard Giesen: National Identity as Trauma: The German Case – Ewa Domańska: (Re)creative Myths and Constructed History: The Case of Poland – Péter Apor: The Creative Fear: Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Democracy and the Foundation of the People’s Democracy in Hungary – Marta Petrusewicz: A Nazione Mancata: The Construction of the Mezzogiorno after 1848Ilan Pappe: Challenging Israel’s Foundation Myths: The Constitution of a Constructive Mythology? – Ron Robin: Two Cheers for the New Historians: A Critique of Israel’s Post-Nationalists – Andrei Zorin: In Search of a New Identity: Visions of Past and Present in Post-Communist Russia – Arve Thorsen: Foundation Myths at Work: National Day Celebrations in France, Germany and Norway in a Comparative Perspective – Mette Zølner: Remembering the Second World War in Denmark: The Impact of Politics, Ideology and Generation – Bo Stråth: Poverty, Neutrality and Welfare: Three Key Concepts in the Modern Foundation Myth of Sweden.