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The "Unacceptables"

American Foundations and Refugee Scholars between the Two Wars and after


Giuliana Gemelli

Contents: Giuliana Gemelli: Introduction. Scholars in Adversity and Science Policies (1933-1945) – Claus-Dieter Krohn: American Foundations and Refugee Scholars between the Two Wars – Christian Fleck: Long-Term Consequences of Short-Term Fellowships – Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze: Rockefeller Support for Mathematicians Fleeing from the Nazi Purge – Rosario J. Tosiello: Max Ascoli: A Lifetime of Rockefeller Connections – Paola Zambelli: Refugee Philosophers. «An Émigré’s Career»: Koyré at the New School for Social Research – Paola Zambelli: Refugee Philosophers. «The Gulf between Continental and Analytical Philosophy» as Registered in H. Spiegelberg’s Interviews – Diane Dosso: The Rescue of French Scientists. Respective Roles of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Biochemist Louis Rapkine (1904-1948) – Pnina G. Abir-Am: The Rockefeller Foundation and Refugee Biologists: European and American Careers of Leading RF Grantees from England, France, Germany, and Italy – Giuliana Gemelli: Permanent Connections: Paul Lazarsfeld, American Foundations and Europe (1930s-1960s) – Giovanni Paoloni: Vito Volterra and the International Board of Education. A Correspondence (1924-1930) – Albert Mueller: Uses of Adversity: Considering Structures, Networks, and Coincidence in the Context of Alexander Gerschenkron’s Emigrations and Career.