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Fragility of the International Financial System

How Can we Prevent New Crises in Emerging Markets?


Alexandre Lamfalussy, Bernard Snoy and Jérôme Jonathan Wilson

Contents: Alexandre Lamfalussy: Preface – Sabine Godts-Péters: The Contribution of Robert Triffin to the Development of the European Payments Union – Barry Eichengreen/Jorge Braga de Macedo: The European Payments Union: History and Implications for the Evolution of the International Financial Architecture – György Szapáry: The Choice of Exchange Rate Regime in Transition Countries During the Run-up to EMU – Ronald Anderson/Alfred Steinherr: The Next Ten Years of Monetary Relations in Asia – Shinji Takagi: Fads and Fundamentals in Emerging Markets: Lessons from the East Asian Crisis of 1997 – René Villarreal/Rocío Ramos de Villarreal: Financial Globalization: Lessons from Financial Crises in Latin America since 1980 – Michel Aglietta: The International Monetary Fund and the International Financial Architecture – Christian Ghymers: A Regional Approach as a Contribution to a more Stable International Monetary System – Bernard Snoy: The Russian Financial Crisis and the Pitfalls in the Transition Process – Gusztáv Báger/Miklós Szábo-Pelsöczi/Andrew Crockett/Edwin M. Truman: Suggestions for Future Work in the Spirit of Robert Triffin.