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Shen, Psychotherapy, and Acupuncture

Theory, Methodology and Structure of Chinese Medicine


Fengli Lan, Friedrich G. Wallner and Claudia Wobovnik

Contents: Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan/Lishan Zhang: Shen - Relation instead of Substance – Fengli Lan: Understanding SHEN in Classical Chinese Texts – Weidong Wang/Yan Ma: Systematic Psychotherapy of TCM: Concepts, Theories and Techniques – Gertrude Kubiena: Effect of Emotions on Soul, Spiritual and Mental Conditions, and Treatment of Related Problems – Ming Chin Ku: Shen in Huang Di Nei Jing & Pattern Identification and Treatment of Psychosomatic Diseases – Tzu Li Lin: Chinese Herbal Treatments for Psychosomatic Diseases – Andrea-Mercedes Riegel: Kidney and Psyche – Christine Korischek: Qigong and Trauma – Lishan Zhang: Shen and Respiratory Disease – Nguyen Thi Tan: Treatment of Mental Diseases with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine – Tran Van Thanh: Current Situation of using and modernizing Herbal Medicine for Treatment of Mental Diseases – Heiner Fruehauf: All Disease Comes from the Heart: The Pivotal Role of the Emotions in Classical Chinese Medicine – Kambiz Badie/Maryam Tayefeh Mahmoudi: Nature-Inspired Expression & Empathy-Directed Impression in Persian Mystic Poems: A Phenomenological Perspective for Transforming Mental Modes with Therapeutic Purposes – Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan: Rationality of Acupuncture: How to Protect Acupuncture Against Misunderstanding – Ding Li: Rationality of Acupuncture: Development of Theories of Vessels and Acupoints – Hanping Chen: The Most Basic Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Regulating the Functions – Fengli Lan: Acupuncture Treatment for Women's Diseases: History and Rational Interpretations – Fengli Lan: Chinese Medicine Is Its History – Fengli Lan: Chinese Medicine as a Philosophy: Metaphorizing – Friedrich Wallner/Fengli Lan/Claudia Wobovnik: Modernization of Chinese Medicine in the Right Way.