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Language Ideologies in Transition

Multilingualism in Russia and Finland

Mika Lähteenmäki and Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski

Contents: Mika Lähteenmäki/Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski: Introduction – Mika Lähteenmäki: Heteroglossia and voice: conceptualising linguistic diversity from a Bakhtinian perspective – Arto Mustajoki: Types of non-standard communication encounters with special reference to Russian – Sirkka Laihiala-Kankainen/Sari Pietikäinen: Contexts and consequences of language ideologies: the case of indigenous Sámi languages in Inari and Lovozero – Riitta Pyykkö: Language policy as a means of integration in Russia – Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski: Unity or diversity? The language ideology debate in Russian media texts – Lea Siilin: Receptive multilingualism in Finnish-Russian print media – Ekaterina Protassova: Multilingual education in Russia – Tatjana Rynkänen/Sari Pöyhönen: Russian-speaking young immigrants in Finland: educational and linguistic challenges for integration – Aila Pesonen: Finnish language training and integration into Finnish society: a case study of a Russian-speaking immigrant group in the city of Virrat.