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Cartographies of Culture

Memory, Space, Representation


Wojciech Kalaga and Marzena Kubisz

Contents: Inga Bryden: Mapping the Urban Sensorium; Marking the «Non-u-Mental» – Marcin Mazurek: Redefining Navigation: Urban Congestion vs. Off-Road Encounters – Iwona Kurz: A City Map as a Construct of Memory. An Example - the 1944 Uprising in Contemporary Warsaw – Radosław Poczykowski: Hand Drawn Memory - How to Read a Mental Map? – Michał Libera: Auditive Notion of Memory in 15 Seconds – Lisa Gabbert: Hybridities, New Authenticities, Power: An Ethnographic Example of a Local Heritage Site – Maruša Pušnik: Disciplined Memories of a Nation: Remembrance and Museum’s Narratives – Gregor Starc: Skiing and Football in the Slovenian National Mnemonic Scheme – Anna Chromik-Krzykawska: Policing the Boundaries: The Spatial Practices of the Body – Liza Potvin: Remembering It in Our Bones: Marie Clements’ Burning Vision – Katarzyna Kociołek: Winning Over Space - Black British Visual Arts Debate in Selected Writings by E. Chambers, R. Araeen, and K. Mercer – Aneta Zacharz: Mirror Re-mirrored - On the Reflection of the Self – Maciej Nowak: Toward the Beauty of Inhabitable Spaces. Classicists against the «Fantastick» Speculations of Reason – Justyna Wierzchowska: The Myth-making Function of Discourse on the Meaning of Abstract. Expressionism in the Cold War Period – Mary Modeen: Distancing and Foregrounding: Visual Art, Memory and Place – Anthony Barker: Time, Space and Police Procedure in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Fargo (1996).