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Central and Eastern European Media under Dictatorial Rule and in the Early Cold War


Olaf Mertelsmann

Contents: Olaf Mertelsmann: Introduction – Chloé Stephenson: Fascist Interest in Soviet Cinema – Judith Devlin: A Case Study in Censorship: Stalin’s Early Film Image – Inge Marszolek: Exploring NS-Propaganda as Social Practice – Olaf Mertelsmann: Trophy Films and Western Radio Broadcasting as a Window to the World in Post-war Estonia – Roland Graf: Writing for a Political Minority, Gaining the Majority of Readers: the ‘Red Boulevard’ in Austria 1945-1959 – Marietta Stankova: The Media and the Onset of the Cold War in Bulgaria 1944-1947 – Peter Gross: «The Tip of the Lance»: Scinteia and the Establishment of Communism in Romania – Dorina Orzac: Romanian Mass Media in 1945-1950 – Jane Leftwich Curry: The Conundrums of Censorship: Poland in the 1940s and 1950s – Jürgen Wilke: Press Instructions as a Device of Media Control in the German Democratic Republic – Sirje Olesk: Writers’ Collaboration with the Soviet Authorities, and the Dominant Literary Journal in the Estonian SSR in the 1940s and 1950s – Andrej Školkay: When Innocent Words were Sharp Swords: The Intellectual and Literary Press in the Early Years of Communism in Slovakia – Pavlína Binková: Black and White? - The Beginnings of Czechoslovak Television News Broadcasting – Indrek Treufeldt: Creating a New Communication Environment: The Birth of Television News in Soviet Estonia.