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Imperfect Worlds and Dystopian Narratives in Contemporary Cinema

Artur Blaim and Ludmila Gruszewska-Blaim

Contents: Artur Blaim/Ludmiła Gruszewska Blaim: Introductory Remarks: The Uses of Dystopian Worlds – Artur Blaim: Failed Carnival: The Metonymic Dystopias in Werner Herzog’s Even Dwarfs Started Small – Barbara Klonowska: Defamiliarization of Dystopian Narratives: Esteban Sapir’s The Aerial – Zofia Kolbuszewska: Of Dystopia, Desire and Death: Goto, the Island of Flies – Grzegorz Maziarczyk: Huxley/Orwell/Bradbury Reloaded; or, The Campy Art of Bricolage – Justyna Galant: Vague Boundaries and Re-configured Senses: Dystopia(s) in the making in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome – Ludmiła Gruszewska Blaim: Against the Culture of Fear: Terror and Romance in V for Vendetta – Marta Komsta: Juliusz Machulski ’s Sexmission, or Paradise Regained – Andrzej Sławomir Kowalczyk: Between Dystopia and Eutopia: Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker – Katarzyna Pisarska: Out of the Drawer and Back Again: Utopian Satire in Juliusz Machulski ’s Kingsajz – Ludmiła Gruszewska Blaim/Patrycja Wawrzyszak: East European Golgotha: Constructing Postmodern Dystopia in Piotr Szulkin’s Ga-ga: Glory to the Heroes – Urszula Terentowicz-Fotyga: On the Impossibility of Dystopia? Children of Men or the Apocalypse Now.