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Changing Labour Relations

Between Path Dependency and Global Trends


Mirella Baglioni and Bernd Brandl

Contents: Mirella Baglioni/Bernd Brandl: Changing Labour Relations between Path Dependency and Global Trends - An Introduction – John Geary/Anthony Murphy: The Reform of Public Sector Pay in Ireland under Social Pacts – Alessia Vatta: The Reform of Collective Bargaining and the Flexible Work Issue in Italy – Patrick Thill/Adrien Thomas: The End of Consensus? The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Industrial Relations in Luxembourg – Rosa Nonell/Iván Medina/Joaquim M. Molins: Social Pacts and the Institutionalization of Social Partners. The Case of Spanish Employers’ Associations – Barbara Bechter: Changing Collective Bargaining: Pay Flexibility and the Search for a Fair Model – Catherine Casey: Gender Mainstreaming in European Industrial Relations - Policy Aspirations, Gender Gaps and Organization Behaviour – Holm-Detlev Köhler/Sergio González Begega: The European Works Council as a Multidimensional Contested Terrain – Mirella Baglioni: The EWC Members and the Union Structure: Are they Living apart Together? – Isabel da Costa/Valeria Pulignano/Udo Rehfeldt/Volker Telljohann: Transnational Negotiations on Employment: Successes and Failures of EWC-Union Coordinated Strategies.