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Between Cultures and Texts- Entre les cultures et les textes

Itineraries in Translation History - With an Introduction by Theo Hermans- Itinéraires en histoire de la traduction- Avec une introduction de Theo Hermans

Antoine Chalvin, Anne Lange and Daniele Monticelli

Contents/Contenu : Theo Hermans: Introduction. How is Translation Possible? – Peeter Torop: History of Translation and Cultural Autotranslation – Christopher Rundle: History through a Translation Perspective – Luc Van Doorslaer: The Relative Neglect of Newspapers in Translation Studies Research – Martina Ožbot: Translation as an Agent of Culture Planning in Low-Impact Cultures – Nikolay Aretov: Translation as an Object of Literary Scholarship: From the Perspective of a ‘Small’ Literature – Antoine Chalvin : Comment écrire une histoire aréale de la traduction ? – Nayelli Castro : Questions de méthodologie en vue d’une histoire de la traduction philosophique au Mexique au XXe siècle – Jean-Léon Muller : L’histoire de la traduction littéraire en Hongrie : un état des lieux – Marie Vrinat-Nikolov : Pourquoi et comment une histoire comparée de la traduction en Bulgarie et en France ? – Janika Päll: Translating from Ancient Languages into Estonian: Outlines for Translation History – Maria-Kristiina Lotman: Equimetrical Verse Translation in Estonian Poetic Culture – Aile Möldre: Publications of Literary Translation in Estonia in 1901-1917: An Overview – Elin Sütiste: Images of Literary Translation in Estonian Translation Criticism 1906-1940 – Anne Lange: Transitions in the Intercultural Locale: A Case of Two Estonian Translators – Daniele Monticelli: ‘Totalitarian Translation’ as a Means of Forced Cultural Change: The Case of Postwar Soviet Estonia – Katiliina Gielen: Authors as Translators: Emerging Hierarchical Patterns of Literary Activity in Early Soviet Estonia – Ülar Ploom: From Mugandus [Accommodation] towards Discourse-Aware Translation: Some Aspects of an Italian Itinerary in Estonian Translation History – Ene-Reet Soovik: Estonian Literary Translation in the Early 21st Century: On the Context and the Content – Saliha Paker: Translation, the Pursuit of Inventiveness and Ottoman Poetics: A Systemic Approach – Oleksandr Kal’nychenko: A Sketch of the Ukrainian History of Translation of the 1920s – Licia Taverna : Les préfaces des traducteurs comme discours sur la méthode et l’histoire : l’exemple de quatre traducteurs-écrivains italiens – Mary Louise Wardle: The Time-Travelling Prince: Machiavelli’s English Journey – Sarah Ventimiglia : Traduction, invention poétique, autolégitimation : le cas d’Amelia Rosselli – Chapman Chen: Rethinking Postcolonial Theories: Two Western Plays in Hong Kong Translation.