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Exploring Translation in Language Learning


Malgorzata Smentek

This book explores the functions and potential of translation in language learning. It demonstrates that despite its changing fortunes in the history of foreign language teaching, translation has a prominent part to play both in the L2 classroom and beyond. As a cognitive process and a quintessential communicative activity, it not only boosts the learner’s bilingual and bicultural competence, but also promotes and accelerates the development of the skill of translation. Considering its diverse educational assets as well as the results of a research survey presented in this book, the author argues that translation practice should become an integral element of contemporary foreign language education.

Approaches to translation in FLT: Historical and contemporary perspectives – Advanced learners and current trends in ELT – Translation: Selected theoretical issues – Translation in advanced-level language learning: A means and an end – Questionnaire survey on the role of translation in L2 learning – Practical implications for the use of translation in the L2 classroom