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Ethical and Social Aspects of Policy

Chapters on Selected Issues of Transformation


Milan Katuninec and Marcel Martinkovič

Contents: Milan Katuninec: A few Thoughts on the Relation between Ethics as a Doctrine of Morality and Politics as a Human Activity – Marcel Martinkovič: Moral Aspects of Politics and their Relation to the Legitimacy of Liberal Democracies – Peter Rusnák: Political and Ethical Problem of Interpersonality and Human Rights – Milan Katuninec: Ethical Foundations for the Creation of Sustainable Growth within Social and Environmental Barriers - the Eco-Social Market-Economy - as a Valuable Force for Integration – Marián Kropaj: Social Doctrine Catholic of the Church and its Influence on Slovak Society and Law – Radoslava Brhlíková: Ethical Aspects of the Slovak Army’s Participation in Foreign Missions.