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Writing Tangier


Ralph M. Coury and R. Kevin Lacey

Contents: Khalid Amine/Andrew Hussey: A Preface – Ralph M. Coury: Some Introductory Remarks – Allen Hibbard: Tangier at the Crossroads: Cross-cultural Encounters and Literary Production – Jeffrey Miller: Publishing Tangier: Twenty-five Years – Salah Moukhlis: Localized Identity, Universal Experience: Celebrating Mohamed Choukri as a Moroccan Writer – Andrew Hussey: Forbidden Territory: Juan Goytisolo’s Maps of Tangier – Abdellatif Akbib: Bankruptcy in Mohamed Choukri’s The Flower Freak – Khalid Amine: Paul Bowles’ Tangier: An Ambiguous Compromise – R. Kevin Lacey: The Writers/Storytellers of Morocco and Paul Bowles: Some Observations and Afterthoughts – Barry Tharaud: Culture and Existence in Bowles’ Short Fiction – Greg Mullins: Visions and Revisions of Paul Bowles in Tangier – Ralph M. Coury: The Twain Met: Paul Bowles’ Western and Arab Critics – Karim Bejjit: Tangier That Was: The Confessions of Samuel Pepys (1683) – Mohammed-Saâd Zemmouri : Tanger, ville-mythe dans le discours romanesque de deux écrivains tangérois (M. Choukri and T. Ben Jelloun) – José Manuel Goñi Pérez: Las construcciones verbales de Tánger: tres ejemplos de la narrativa española.