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Seeing and Saying

Self-Referentiality in British and American Literature

Detlev Gohrbandt and Bruno von Lutz

Contents: In memoriam Karl Klein - Saskia Schabio: Seeing and Saying: Historicising Self-Referentiality - Mary Winkler: «But it is a true thing»: Vision and Creation in the Work of Charlotte Brontë - Alan Grob: Saying and Seeing: Arnold's «Forsaken Merman» - Angelica Michelis: The Pleasure of Saying It: Images of Sexuality and Desire in Contemporary Women's Poetry - Saskia Schabio: Screens over Nothingness: Self-Reflection in Lady Mary Wroth's «Pamphilia to Amphilanthus» - Hugh Haughton: The Purloined Title: Contemporary Irish Poems on Paintings - Andreas Jäger: «The broken lines»: Creative Contradictions in Tony Harrison's Poetry - Horst Meyer: The Forms of Things Unseen: Photography as 'Poetic Reference' in the Poetry of Michael Harper - Detlev Gohrbandt: «Fresh ground though trodden» - Revisiting, Revisioning, Understanding in Robert Lowell's For the Union Dead - M. Gilbert Porter: The Vision in the Voice: American Writers and the Issue of Literary Evaluation - F.H. (Tim) Mares: The Demidenko Affair: Who Writes, and Who Reads? - Karl Kunibert Schäfer: «The Enigma» - John Fowles's Metafiction - Bruno von Lutz: «My true métier». The Informer Turned Writer: Some Observations on a Novel of Seeing and Saying - J.S. Cunningham: Reading Some Lofty Laughters.