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Contemporary Studies in the National Olympic Games Movement


Roland Naul

Contents: W. Decker and A. Kivroglou: The first Greek Olympic Games of Zappas in 1859 - G. Gori: Sports Festivals in Italy between the 19th and 20th Centuries: A Kind of National Olympic Games? - J. K. Rühl and A. Keuser: Olympic Games in 19th Century England with Special Consideration of the Liverpool Olympics - K. Moore: «Love of Fair Play»: The Ambivalent Response to the Olympic Movement in England, 1891 - 1914 - R. Naul: The National Olympic Games Movement in Germany - J. Ljunggren and L. Yttergren: The Nordic Games: Visions of Olympic Winter Games or a National Festival? - J. Kössl: The Czech Olympic Committee and Czech Olympic Games - A. Krüger: The Olympic Games of 1936 as the fifth German Combat Games - W. Kraemer-Mandeau: National and International Olympic Movements in Latin America - G. A. Leyshon: The first British Empire Games, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1930.