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Demons: Mediators between This World and the Other

Essays on Demonic Beings from the Middle Ages to the Present


Ruth Petzoldt and Paul Neubauer

Contents: Paul Neubauer/Ruth Petzoldt: Introduction - Leander Petzoldt: The Universe of Demons and the World of the Middle Ages - Norbert H. Ott: Facts and Fiction: The Iconography of Demons in German Vernacular Manuscripts - Winfried Frey: Sibylla Led Astray: Sibyls in Medieval Literature - Simonetta Cochis: The Sailor Demon of Vulcano in Antoine de la Sale's Geography of the Demonic, L'Excursion aux îles Lipari - Norbert H. Ott: Encounters with the Other World: The Medieval Iconography of Alexander the Great and Henry the Lion - Donald Ward: Cynocephalic Demons in Medieval Song, Legend, and Epic - Ludovica Sebregondi: The Devil in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Florentine Engravings - Albrecht Classen: Medieval Answers to the Strange World Outside: Foreigners and the Foreign as Cultural Challenges and Catalysts - Ruth Petzoldt: The Comeback of the Vampires: The History of the Motif from Medieval Legends to Contemporary Literature - Paul Neubauer: The Demon of Loss and Longing: The Function of the Ghost in Toni Morrison's Beloved.