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Memory - Remembering - Forgetting


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

Contents: Emanuel Prower: Memory as Sign - Wojciech Kalaga: Memory and Ontology: Forgetfulness as an Evasion of Being - Marta Zajac: Non-Memory of L'Écriture Feminine, or Stepping Out of Paradise - Marzena Kubisz: Permutations of the Absolute: Archetypal Memory of Mass Culture - Patricia Murray: Myth, Memory, and Postcolonial Resistance: The Fiction of Wilson Harris and Gabriel García Márquez - Martin Murray: Mrs. Dalloway and the Finite Transcendental: Existence, Time, and Transcendence in Woolf, Husserl and Derrida - Liliana Barakonska/Malgorzata Nitka: The Forgetful Memory of Blanchot - Leszek Drong: Self-Inscription and Self-Oblivion - Margaret Llewelyn-Jones: Reality or Nothing? Virtuality, Memory & Death - Jacek Mydla: Poor Retention and the Rehearsing of Being: The Claim to Poetical Immortality in Shakespeare's Sonnets - Andrzej Wicher: «The lopped branches» - an Interpretation of the Motif of Magic Forgetfulness in William Shakespeare's Cymbeline and Pericles - Slawomir Maslon: The Dead of Memory - Noël Gray: The Poetic Exit.