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Narrating Transgression

Representations of the Criminal in Early Modern England


Rosamaria Loretelli and Roberto De Romanis

Contents: Michael Harris: Murder in print: representations of crime and the law c. 1660-1760 - Rosamaria Loretelli: Trial by cheap print - Roberto De Romanis: Camouflaged identities, criminal writings - Lennard J. Davis: Criminal statements. Homosexuality and textuality in the account of Jan Svilt - Ruth Perry: Good girls and fallen women: representations of prostitutes in eighteenth-century English fiction - Janet Todd: The German Princess: criminalities of gender and class - Franco Marenco: The invention of the enemy. Expansionism and the ideology of exclusion in early seventeenth-century England - Ian A. Bell: Postcards of the hanging. The representation of crime in William Hogarth's Industry and Idleness - Marinella Salari: Criminal voices from beyond the grave.