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Palestinian Perspectives


Wolfgang Freund

Contents: Amine Aït-Chaalal: The Middle East Peace Process: Progress - Shortcomings - Challenges - Khalil Shikaki: Political Affiliations Among Palestinians - Yousef Al-Aili: Jerusalem: Identity or Crisis of Conscience? - Walid Mustapha: Demographic Changes in East (Arab) Jerusalem Under the Israeli Occupation - Farid Abu-Dheir: Freedom of Press in Palestine: Present and Future Perspectives - Nashat A. Aqtash: Reliability and Validity of Palestinian Mass Media News, as Seen by Intellectual Public in Gaza Strip - Nezam Al-Abbasi: Problems of Teaching History in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - Palestine Center for Studies and Research, Political Unit: Benyamin Netanyahu, the Evangelists, and Bill Clinton: A Contradictory Relationship Between Israel and the USA - Mohamed Hindi: Islamic Role and Dimension in Palestine - Hédi Eckert: Palestine - Middle East - Quelle identité culturelle? - Abdelaziz Rantisi: Hamas Towards the West - Ismail H. Abu-Shanab: An Islamic Approach of the Resistance Against Israeli Occupation in Palestine: The Strategy of «Hamas» in the Present and in the Future - Ghazi A. Hamed: The Relationship Between Hamas and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA): The Conflictual Past and the Unknown Future - Yousef Aref: Reflections on Education in the West Bank Between 1967 and 1998 - Abdessattar Kassem: Palestinian Citizen and Brokers of Knowledge.