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The Full Use of Labour Potential in Transformation in the CEE states

The Role of Human Capital Investment


Jürgen Schramm

Contents: Jürgen Schramm: Making the Full Use of Labour Potential in Transformation in CEE-States - Part One: Supranational Perspectives: Hans Joachim Maaßen: Perspectives of the European Commission - Walther Dürr/Svetlana Kainova: The ILO's Systems Approach to Training and 1st Experiences in introducing Modular Training in the Russian Federation and the CIS - Walther Dürr: Vocational Education and Training in Transition Economies-the Role and View of the ILO - Part Two: Country Reports: Zina Stefanova Stoilova-Andreeva/Milena Evrova: Republic of Bulgaria - Péter Klekner/Lázló Zachár: Republic of Hungary - Grieta Tentere/Andris Silins: Republic of Latvia - Jerzy Ciechanski: Republic of Poland - Adrian Popescu: Republic of Rumania - Olga Drofenik: Republic of Slovenia - Marta Hrebicková: Republic of Slovakia - Part Three: Jürgen Schramm: The Role and Significance of Human Capital Investment in the States of Central and Eastern Europe - Appendix: Jürgen Schramm/Werner Väth: Berlin Conferences on Social Issues 1993-1997.