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Identity and Change in the Christian Tradition


Marcel Sarot and Gijsbert van den Brink

Contents: Dewi Z. Phillips: Introduction. Reflecting on Identity and Change - Vincent Brümmer: The Identity of the Christian Tradition - Wybren de Jong: The Finality of Christ and the Authenticity of Creative Developments - Santiago Sia: The Function of Religion in Human Life and Thought. A Whiteheadian Exploration - Marcel Sarot: Religion, Meaning and Imitation. The Christian Ideal of Imitatio Christi as a Way of Making Sense of Life - Keith Ward: Christianity and Evolution. A Case Study - Michael Scott: The Implications of Darwinian Explanations - Paul Helm: Does the Authority of a Tradition Exclude the Possibility of Change? - Luco J. van den Brom: Religious Tradition, Change and Authority - Christoph Schwöbel: Rationality, Tradition and Theology. Six Theses - Gijsbert van den Brink: A Plea for Inverting the Hermeneutical Relation - David Brown: Tradition as a Dynamic Force for Positive Change - Hendrik M. Vroom: Can We Change the Fatherhood of God? The Hermeneutical Implications of Change in the Tradition of the Interpretation of the Bible.