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The Future of EU-ACP Relations


Susanna Wolf

Contents: Susanna Wolf: Introduction - João de Deus Pinheiro: A New Approach to the EU-ACP Partnership - Zedekia J. Ngavirue: Renewal of the EU-ACP Partnership - Michael Bohnet: Proceeding from Proposals to Negotiations - Carl B. Greenidge: Differential Treatment from an ACP Point of View - Gerrishon K. Ikiara: A Review of EU and ACP Proposals on Future Trade Relations - Roman Grynberg: EU-ACP trade relations - Lomé V or Annex V? - Susanna Wolf: Chances and Obstacles of Different Liberalisation Scenarios - Adrian Hewitt: Trade Relations - the Keystone for EU-ACP Co-operation? - Francis A.S.T. Matambalya: Private Investments - A Crucial Factor for Growth and Competitiveness? - Sheila Page: Private Investment: An Elusive Target - Hans W. Meier-Ewert: Private Investment - It's Simple - Karl Wolfgang Menck: Security for Domestic and Foreign Investment - Heinrich Lehne: A New Attempt to Poverty Reduction - Kato Lambrechts: Poverty Eradication: Can a New Lomé Convention Deliver? - Arne Tostensen: Poverty Reduction - a Global Comparison - Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda: Concrete Measures for Mainstreaming Poverty Eradication - Karijn de Jong: Democracy in EU-ACP Relations - Fudzai Pamacheche: Strengthening Democracy and the Efficiency of the State - Flora Musonda: Conditionality Contradicts Ownership - Guggi Laryea: Performance Criteria and Civil Society Participation for Democratisation - Christopher Stevens: A Way Forward for the Post-Lomé Negotiations.