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Organs, Organisms, Organisations

Organic Form in 19th-Century Discourse


Tadeusz Rachwal and Tadeusz Slawek

Contents: Tadeusz Rachwał/Tadeusz Sławek: An Introductory Note – John Simons: Nietzsche, Darwin and Balaam’s Ass – Marek Wilczyński: Organic Chemistry. Body and Flesh in the Economy of Transcendentalism – Marta Wiszniowska: You are my wife, my mother, my sister: you are the sum of all loving care to me. From Marriage a la mode to Marriage of Commitment – Małgorzata Nitka: Of Metaphors and Machines – Ewa Borkowska: Pater’s Ploughmen's Organic Appreciations – Thomas Anessi: Jane Porter’s Thaddeus of Warsaw and the Evolution of the English Historical Novel – Rafal Boryslawski: Imperial Anglo-Saxonism: On the Organic Roots of the English Sense of Superiority in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries – Zbigniew Białas: The Route to King Solomon’s Mines – Erhard Reckwitz: Thomas Pringle and the Failure of Romantic Organicism in South Africa – Allan Parkinson: Between the Clockwork and the Living Universe – Rafał Dubaniowski: ‘No wish profaned my overwhelmed heart’: the Organic Phantasms of S. T. Coleridge – Piotr Zazula: Baudelaire’s Metropolis - an Organic Machine – Bruno F. Arich-Gerz: Texture – Bernd Herzogenrath: The Education of Henry Adams: A Physical Theory of Heredity/Heresy – Joseph Kuhn: The «insane green»: Abnormal Psychology and the Organic in the Literature of the South – Magdalena Zapędowska: The Figure of the Tree in Nineteenth-Century Discourse – Gerald Majer: Organicism and Contagion in Bagehot’s Physics and Politics – Daria Mionskowska: Duality of orders in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – Aneta Wojtasik: The Organic World of Alice in Wonderland.