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The Rise and Fall of Adult Education Institutions and Social Movements

The Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the History of Adult Education


Anthony J. Cooke and Ann MacSween

Contents: Anthony Cooke: Editor’s Introduction – Lalage Bown: Mobilisation, Popular Participation and Sustainable Development: Themes in the Recent History of Adult Education in Poor Countries – Barry Hake: Social Movements and Adult Education in a Cross Cultural Perspective – Franz Pöggeler: Historical Reasons for the Rise and Fall of European Adult Education Institutions and Social Movements – Katarina Popovik: Adult Education Institutions within the Context of Political Change – Laszlo Petho: The Challenge of Modernisation: Education and Adult Education Policy in Hungary, 1950 to the Present – Jurij Jug: People’s Universities, University Extension and Folk High Schools in Slovenia – Ilija Lavrnja and Anita Klapan: The Development of Adult Education in Croatia, 1820 to 1990 – Hywel Francis and Colin Trotman: A Continuity of Purpose? Education and the South Wales Miners – Bjorn Paape and Karl Pútz: REVAG - An Association for the Social and Cultural Education of Miners – Seppo Sivonen: Adult Education Movements in Finnish Universities from 1870 to the Present – Mairtin O’Fathaigh and Denis O’Sullivan: Five Decades of Adult Education at University College Cork 1948-1998: from Roman Catholic Social Reconstruction to Community Partnerships and Empowerment – John Field: Alternative Living, Alternative Learning: The Grith Fyrd Movement in England in the 1930s – Martha Friedenthal Haase: Mediating an Institutional and Professional Identity between Reich and Region: the Thuringian Association of Folk High Schools in the Weimar Republic 1919-1933 – Darryl Dymock: The Legacy of Mansbridge Down Under: the WEA in New South Wales 1913-1953 – Anna Spackman and Shona Paul: Education for Women in Late Victorian Dundee – Jane Elliot: The Relationship Between Adult Education as a Social Movement and the Women’s Movement with particular reference to South Wales – Elizabeth Meilhammer: Non Aligned Popular Education versus National Socialism: the Decline of the Thuringian Folk High School 1930-1933 – Tadeusz Aleksander: The Rise and Fall of the Community School Society in Poland 1891-1939 – Sabine Nagel: The Protestant Academy of Thuringia - Idea and Reality in a Totalitarian Context – WMK Wijetunga: The Relationship between Adult Education Movements and Existing Social, Political and Economic Systems: the University Workers’ Movement in Sri Lanka – Martin Counihan: The Rise and Fall of the Public Understanding of Science – Anthony Cooke: Scotland and the 1919 Report – Linda Merricks: Technical and Vocational - a Challenge to the Hegemony of Adult Liberal Education? – Alan Ducklin and Stuart Wallace: Ivory Tower or Wasted Asset? Why did Residential Adult Education fail to take root in Scotland? – Nick Small: A Policy Initiative: the Advisory Council for Adult and Continuing Education, 1977-1983 – Tom Stehlik: The Australian Association of Adult and Community Education - The Evolution of an Adult Education Movement – Mahmoud Alimohammadi: The Development of Distance Education in Iran – Marion Spöring: Training Interventions for the Unemployed since the 1980s - Bremen and Dundee compared – Sang-O Lee: The Adult Education Movement for Literacy in South Korea since 1945 – Yan Fung Mok: Adult Education Development in Hong Kong since the War – Balazs Németh: The Development of Adult Education and its Training Institutions in Hungary since 1989.