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Gender in Film and the Media

East-West Dialogues

Elzbieta Oleksy, Elzbieta Ostrowska and Mike Stevenson

Contents: Małgorzata Radkiewicz: Searching for a Way of Expression: Analysis of Selected Films by Jane Campion, Sally Potter, and Ulrike Ottinger – Ewa Mazierska-Kerr: Power, Freedom, and Gender in the Films of Atom Egoyan – James I. Deutsch: As the World Ends: Traditional Gender Roles in Apocalyptic Science-Fiction Films of the Late 1990s – John R. Leo: Revisiting the «Family of Man»: Representing Gay Men on American Television Melodrama in the 1980s – Wiesław Godzic: Sex, Power, and Pleasure: The Phenomenon of Soap Opera – Andrzej Pitrus: Feminist Perspectives on Advertising: Content Analyses – Alison Butler: Under the Skin: Feminism, Realism and British Cinema – László Sári: The Intersection of Race, Class, and Sexuality in Stephen Frears’s My Beautiful Laundrette; or Whose Dirty Laundry is it? – Elżbieta H. Oleksy: «A sparrow with a broken wing... and a shot of vodka»: Constructions of Femininity in Post-War Polish Visual Culture – Elżbieta Ostrowska: Otherness Doubled: Representations of Jewish Women in Polish Cinema – Iwona Kurz: Sexuality on Trial: The Case of Kalina Jędrusik – Michael Stevenson: «I Don’t Feel Like Talking to You Anymore»: Gender Uncertainties in Polish Film Since 1989. An Analysis of Psy (W. Pasikowski 1992) – Ekaterina N. Shapinskaya: Social Construction of Gender Roles in Soviet Film – Almira Ousmanova: Fe/Male Gaze, Subjectivity, and Ideology in Classic Soviet Cinema – Iwona Kolasińska: The Third Sex: Cinema and Transsexuality – Agnieszka Ćwikiel: Female Cyborg: Some Troubles with Gender – Krzysztof Loska: The Birth of the Electronic Body and the Pursuit of Subjectivity – Piotr Sitarski: Can I Be Plural in Muds?: Reflections on Characters in Multi-User Dungeons.